My First visit to The Police Station.

Yesterday I happened to visit the Police Station for my passport verification.When I saw the jail, I realized I had never been to the police station before. When I told the same to my hubby, he joked "Police station is not a picnic spot". True, but I was really excited to be in the police station. The police station that is shown in movies and the one in real has little difference. First of all, its not that spacious, its a small space. In movies, the police station is a single room with couple of tables and few files on them. But in reality, there were a number of rooms, one for the writer, one for the Station inspector etc. There are huge amount of files and notebooks like warrant, court hearing, summons etc. Though India is the front runner in IT, our government still maintains all the records in notebooks. When will India be digitized? In movies, the inspector is always in the station and in reality its very rare. After all inspector is also a human and he has 1000 of jobs at home so poor fellow spends most of the office hours at home. The most surprising thing was every room had a TV and which is the first priority for the officers. 

Deep down the heart, when I was waiting for the inspector, I had a feeling "What will people thing, when they see me in police station. Will they think I have done some bad job or I have come for complaining?". Whatever, who has time to think about others? Its a busy world. Anyway, I will be getting my passport soon. Smiles.


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