It takes a wonderful brain and exquisite senses to produce a few stupid ideas

Yesterday, I was thinking back my days as kid. I remembered few of my interpretations and ideas.

1. When I watched TV I thought people became small, and got into the television box. Many times I wondered how they got in and left without being seen.

2. When I watched movies in theaters, I was fascinated by the way the actors changed the dresses frequently. Suddenly in pink, red, green etc... I was thinking they wore dresses one above the other and just pulled off one by one.

3. In my fourth/fifth class, when word problems were taught, I made an interpretation like this:
a. 1 cup of rice takes 20 mins to cook
b. So, 1 rice should take very very less time. But when is boiled 1 rice in my small petty vessels, it never cooked. :(

4. I forgot to add this so updating: In school, remember we used to have poems and there will be questions about author. So for a long time i had been thinking that "About the author" at the end of the poetry is written by the author itself. So in my diary I have written few about myself. ;)

These are few of them. But there were thousands of such interpretations and ideas. They are really stupid and ignorant but surely brought a smile when I think back now. The adage is indeed very true: “It takes a wonderful brain and exquisite senses to produce a few stupid ideas”.

Post few of your stupid interpretations and lets all smile :)


My Dasvidanya

Yesterday night I got to watch "Dasvidanya" movie. After watching the movie I was framing my 10 "to do" list before I die. I couldnt restrict to only 10 "to do". My list was never ending as always. So I decided to prioritize the top 10 and that is:
1. A trip to New Zealand with my family
2. Play with my youngest cousin dakshin as much as possible
3. Stay for a week at my grandma's house in the country side. She had been calling me home for a long time and I never get enough leaves to stay.
4. A walk in my college and hostel with friends especially Sugi, Dhivya, TU, Saranya, Chittu, Vaish, Poorni. This is to cherish the beautiful days we spent.
5. A party in my school with all my school friends. Its very long i saw many of them.
6. Buy a expensive designer salwar
7. Help my mom setup her gym. This is also a long pending task
8. Learn car driving. There is a long straight road between Mettupalayam and Kotagiri just before climbing the mountain. I want to drive in that road (speed driving ;))
9. Collect all my photos from childhood. Frame it and hang them in my room. (Mom wouldnt let me do that so)
10. Will enjoy all my favorite food items ;).


Can we really be jobless??

Everyday morning when we get up, especially after a weekend/holiday, the first thought that crosses our mind is "God! Why do I have to work/study? Why did you make a world where we working/studying is the prime concern? Why can't these holidays/weekends never end?". However, we image our manager's sarcastic question or our parent's in HOD office and pull our self out of the cosy bed and make our way to the hell (as we imagine).

As the day passes we get along with the work. Later, when work frustrates, we ping friends for coffee and find a table in the corner of the cafe and then starts the endless "ifs" and "buts". "If I don't have to work, I will be never out of my bed". "If there was a world without the need for money, it ll be heaven but the loans". Finally We all want to be jobless.

Is it really possible to be jobless??

Imagine we are in office without any task or in a free pool. For a while we will be on cloud nine. We enjoy checking the forwarded mails, chatting with friends, browsing /downloading songs etc.. Once we have checked all the mails, pinged all the friends and at a point we don't have a way to kill time, our frustration starts again. Why can't they give me some useful work? Why do I have to be in the free pool in spite of my good performance? This is how it is. Being jobless kills a person more than being loaded with work. The prime aim of the life "killing time" becomes literally impossible.

So wanting to be jobless is normal, put being jobless is impossible
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