Hyderabad - My experience

I have visited Hyderabad twice before.. Ones with my parents, a family tour and then during my college , Industrial Visit.. Then, Hyderabad was very glamorous to me.. City with both historical places and modern malls.. Since I always lived in a conservative place, Hyderabad excited me.. I wanted to be a part of this culture.. be a free bird.. Live alone style.. I remember telling my friends after my college tour that i wanted to get placed in a company which is in Hyderabad..
And these golden words turned out true.. I got into CA.. landed in Hyderabad on June 10th 2007.. Now I stay here.. live here.. Since then life has changed a lot.. I came across my different experience..

I was a pampered kid.. I don't know cooking.. I am quite scared of everything.. I cant stay alone.. I want to talk to my mom at least twice a day.. I want everything to go my way.. And till i reached Hyderabad everything went the way i wanted.. No one confronted.. No one to frown..

But Hyderabad was not the place I dreamt of.. It has thought me a lot.. First I understood my strengths and my weaknesses.. I became self controlled person.. I learned to defend.. Demand my rights.. Put myself in place of others and think.. Get along with others way than pushing them to mine..

I like people treating me special.. I am quite egoistic.. I seek attention.. Hyderabad has changed me in this aspect.. I am not worried anymore about what people will think.. I understood its only me who has to fight for my dreams and all others are just a catalyst.. Though people are around me they are just there for them not for me.. Sometimes i feel I have become selfish.. But this is needed in this competitive surrounding.. Enjoy the company.. help when required.. when its up to you to show what you are become selfish.. I have identified my goal finally.. I am fighting for it now!!!

The last words of wisdom.. "
Don't every sit behind at home thinking I will be going away from home.. When you go away from home.. You will learn to live.. At home you are just a handicap.. when you are away, you will become an athlete!!!"
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