Step out

For a past few days, I happen to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night. Once my sleep gets disturbed, then its an hour long struggle to sleep again. Yesterday night it was the same episode, I woke up suddenly to a bad dream and really tried very hard to sleep again. After trying hard for 10 mins, I started thinking about all sorts of things that will happen in the morning if i wouldn't sleep properly. Thoughts of headache, soar eyes, sleepiness and tiredness made me even more scared. At once, I tried the sleeping tactics. Started off with saying ABCD, said it for some 10-15 mins. No effects so I moved on to the sheep jumping the hurdle tactics. Still no effect. Finally, I gave up. I decided nothing is going to work and watched the fan and the moving shadows of the tree. Within sometime i feel asleep.

Sometimes it true, when trying really hard things seem not to be working. But staying calm and stepping out of the problem really helps. Even when I was hunting for a job, I had a similar experience. After attending interviews for 2 months, I gave up. I started preparing for MBA as a last resort, but then I got the offer. 

I don't want to be philosophical, why not just give a try to step out of the problem, calm down and then do an attempt. 
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