Job Hunting Ordeal

It’s been more than a month I have set off to hunt a job and the experience as a job hunter is rather bitter. When initially I created a profile in the job portals, I was in high spirits and hopes. I got a number of calls from various consultancies and companies. After a customary walk through my profile, the consultant/HR will assure me that my profile is perfect for the job opening. Then, there will be an optional phone interview where all my past experience and knowledge will be questioned. Next will be a face to face interview which will be 2 to 3 rounds of technical interview. After that, the HR will say the typical “We will call you soon and we will discuss the rest”. Following that will be a long silence and an expectation every time the phone rings. Finally the expectation turns to frustrations.

Few of my bad experience: In one company, they called me for a face to face interview and when I reached there, HR said all the interviewers have gone for a meeting and the interview cannot be conducted. I just had to travel 1 hour to hear that. In another, there were 3 rounds of interview where all the interviewers asked me the same question in the same order. Where they testing if I am consistent in my answers?? Huh...! @#%^&*().. In 2/3 companies, after all the rounds of interview I was informed they were looking for candidates with development experience. I have walked them through my profile for so many time and they could have rejected me earlier. Why make me go through all the procedure and then reject :’(???

Anyway, it’s all part of job hunting. Anyone who is hunting job will go through all these. I am not an exception. Just hoping for the phone to ring and enjoy the day at office.


Zio in Photographs

I was cleaning my closet and caught hold of few old photographs. As always it was the end of cleaning cupboard. Mom walked in with a cup of tea. When raining like cats and dogs, a cup of tea and a bundle of old albums. Wow!!! Soon we got engrossed in the photographs. Every photo had a story, a sequence behind it. There was one picture in which I was sitting in a small tub full of bubbles – My own bubble bath. In another my brother and cousin were making faces and looked very angry. This was because they were angry as my aunt left them behind during my baby cousins’ photo session. Hamara Bajaj, Neyveli 21 block flat no. 7-B, old friends – Nithya, Vaigarai, Sudha, Ram, Jaishree, Diana, Sherlin, Kutti Saranya, picnics to Mysore, Viyzak, Bangalore, Kerala, the prizes won in school days. Wow remembering those days was awesome. My grandmom walked in a little while later, she had her own set of stories. She told about her days when photos were captured by a camera hidden in a blankets.

Soon there was a discussion about how new technologies have removed the soul in photographs. I wanted to verify so I booted my laptop and started the slideshow of my college pictures. As the slides moved, I felt I was walking through those hostel corridors, living in M-407, eating puffs in Aunty Shop. It’s really great. Photograph is truly a time machine. Whatever form it is in, any new technology, cannot remove the soul or the moment cherished in those click.

"Makros Zioros Photographs"


Austerity Drive Gimmickry

Politicians have dumped their private chartered flights and helicopters and have taken the AC Chair Cars and the economic flights. Congress ministers and MPs are to cut back on official expenses, first-class travel needs special permission, and ministries have to reduce their expenditure. The campaign is being seen as the Congress' way of expressing its solidarity with a country hit by drought and price rise.

“Are you kidding me?” was the reaction to this austerity drive. It’s an obvious publicity stunt. How long? When media gets other hot news and are least bothered about who travelled how. The game is over; missions accomplished, and then take back the private planes. What an idea Sirji?

If they have to express their solidarity, why not reduce their overall expenditure, raise money out of it and give the farmers who are committing suicides just for a small amount of Rs. 10000. Save the farmer and their family. An article I recently read said that for every year India spend around 18,000 crores for the safety and luxury of the politicians. A mere 18 crore could have saved 1,80,000 farmers and their families.

To find YSR more than 5 crores was spent in few hours, actor and actress spent a few lacs to buy a pair of jeans, every movie, every award function just talks in crores. What do I say? Luxury and Extravaganza is more important than a life of a human.

Dont waste the food. Spend money for living not for gimmick.

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