Whats with all the Cheese??

I am a great devotee of the travel and living shows. These days there are less travel and more cooking going on in these channels. Anyway, I do like some of them especially the eat st. and the street's show. I love fast food and generally drool watching the awesome international food. Almost all the recipes are loaded with cheese and all the fatty ingredients in it. I was wondering what would happen if I started indulging in those cheesy feasts.

I believe there are 2 kinds of people in the world. Those eat a lot yet they don't put on any weight and the other kind as my friend say will put on weight even if they smell it. Unfortunately,  I fall in the second category, my bad! I was giving a deep thought on the difference between the western and our eating habits. I realize its mainly the quantity that differs. We eat a huge meal whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. They eat a burger or sandwich and that's it. For us, that's a snack. Sometimes, when I go out in the evening, I eat McD or KFC so if I decide to skip dinner, its a big no-no in my house. The usual question is 'What can a little burger do to you?'. We have made up our mind that we have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, even though we have snacked in between. I think if I change this mindset and start eating like small portions I will reduce. Hmm.. But Will the people around me allow that??


Back to posting?.. Confused???

Its been long time I have posted, partly coz I was busy parenting and partly coz I didnt feel like posting. I have not been quiet myself lately. Even my astrologer says so. He says my time is not good and I will act like a crazy person. I should agree with him. I am indeed gone crazy. 

Since my little one is about 1 1/2 years now, I want to do something in the spare time. Probably I am bored and irritated of staying home 24/7. I want to get out and do something interesting. But I am really not interested in getting back to my 9 to 5 job. I want to do some business or be self employed where there is flexibility. I have 100+ ideas, everyday I have a new idea. [No way, Don't even think about it. I am not letting my ideas out].  Everyday I research about them. I have collected loads of information. But the problem is I am not sure which one to choose, where to start and how will I be able to run it. I am so confused. My astrologer adds since my stars are positioned badly I will not be able to make any clear decisions. He is correct again. 

I am confused again, should I believe in astrology or not? Oh. God. Anyway, I am not sure when all  my confusions will be cleared. Till then, I have decided to at least get back to doing what I used to do when I was not a crazy person. Hopefully, I will have some less confusing posts in the future.
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