Not so real.. Not so fake

How much do we relate to TV and cinema, the major entertainer in our country? I have been observing some shows on TV for sometime and have come to the conclusion that most of the shows don’t represent the general public.
The so-called music channels which attract the teens have the most irrelevant shows.
Though I happen to see Splitvilla, dadagiri, Dare 2 Date and some similar show, I really feel as if I am watching people from different planet. I can’t imagine my cousins or friends, flirting or bath mouthing some “XYZ” person.
The major attraction to the general public is the tele-serials which is so obscure. Do we in really life see members of the family plotting against each other, worse hiring a killer? Most of the sitcoms boost a hero or a heroine who is the most stupid person overall.
But though these shows are irrelevant or impossible in real life, this is what attracts us. The best example is the cinema. Some of the blockbuster hit movies esp. bollywood movies really miss the most important thing “The story”.
This is what we want I guess, running away from reality. But sometimes not so real also doesn’t work. Sanjay Leela Bhansasli’s Sawariya is the best example. The movie was shot in fairy tale like nothing seemed real. So by theory, it must have been a super hit but turned out otherwise.  
So I feel people don’t want to see the reality neither do they wanna run into fairy land. It’s the between place that attract. Roadies for the teens and KyunKi for the aged works perfectly well. 
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