Not so real.. Not so fake

How much do we relate to TV and cinema, the major entertainer in our country? I have been observing some shows on TV for sometime and have come to the conclusion that most of the shows don’t represent the general public.
The so-called music channels which attract the teens have the most irrelevant shows.
Though I happen to see Splitvilla, dadagiri, Dare 2 Date and some similar show, I really feel as if I am watching people from different planet. I can’t imagine my cousins or friends, flirting or bath mouthing some “XYZ” person.
The major attraction to the general public is the tele-serials which is so obscure. Do we in really life see members of the family plotting against each other, worse hiring a killer? Most of the sitcoms boost a hero or a heroine who is the most stupid person overall.
But though these shows are irrelevant or impossible in real life, this is what attracts us. The best example is the cinema. Some of the blockbuster hit movies esp. bollywood movies really miss the most important thing “The story”.
This is what we want I guess, running away from reality. But sometimes not so real also doesn’t work. Sanjay Leela Bhansasli’s Sawariya is the best example. The movie was shot in fairy tale like nothing seemed real. So by theory, it must have been a super hit but turned out otherwise.  
So I feel people don’t want to see the reality neither do they wanna run into fairy land. It’s the between place that attract. Roadies for the teens and KyunKi for the aged works perfectly well. 


Step out

For a past few days, I happen to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night. Once my sleep gets disturbed, then its an hour long struggle to sleep again. Yesterday night it was the same episode, I woke up suddenly to a bad dream and really tried very hard to sleep again. After trying hard for 10 mins, I started thinking about all sorts of things that will happen in the morning if i wouldn't sleep properly. Thoughts of headache, soar eyes, sleepiness and tiredness made me even more scared. At once, I tried the sleeping tactics. Started off with saying ABCD, said it for some 10-15 mins. No effects so I moved on to the sheep jumping the hurdle tactics. Still no effect. Finally, I gave up. I decided nothing is going to work and watched the fan and the moving shadows of the tree. Within sometime i feel asleep.

Sometimes it true, when trying really hard things seem not to be working. But staying calm and stepping out of the problem really helps. Even when I was hunting for a job, I had a similar experience. After attending interviews for 2 months, I gave up. I started preparing for MBA as a last resort, but then I got the offer. 

I don't want to be philosophical, why not just give a try to step out of the problem, calm down and then do an attempt. 


Meeting and Greeting People

For the past few months, I have had a chance to interact with people from many countries as well as overhear conversations of many foreign tourist. Its been a great experience. Each one has the different perspective about India, Indians, politics etc. A guy we met on a small town in Laos said "Indian, Bollywood, you guys dance well". Another guy we met immediately asked if we were in software profession. There are also facts that surprised me, like Indian kings had ruled South-east Asia many centuries back.

Many people also shared their experience traveling India. They were excited about the colors, culture and diversity. One of my hubby's colleague from Vietnam was puzzled how we are able to arrange weddings. Apparently, in Vietnam, the guests who are invited will have to confirm their presence and accordingly the arrangements are done. She was amazed that we don't restrict the number of guests or don't ask for any confirmation. Diversity of India is another overwhelming topic. Foreigners are taken aback by the different  languages, customs, food and culture. Even the foreign media when discussion Indian affairs mention our ability to co-exist in the multicultural and diverse environment.

Its not all praises, they are horrified by some social customs like the child marriage or caste system. Few also want to know about our views on India-Pakistan affair. Indian politics and economy is discussed heavily in foreign media. According to one foreigner, in India free food schema for school students is very encouraging, but in his country no such steps are taken to help people. But, while interacting with a person from a developed country, he mentioned how investing in India is difficult because of corruption. I have realized that among many countries I traveled this year, India is most economical.

What should I conclude from these interaction? Certainly, its mixed. But it has kindled in me a great patriotism toward my country. I want to travel to the corners of India and feel proud about the diversity we like in. I want to read Indian history which I hated in school. I just want to see India grow. 

Proud to be an Indian!!!
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