Demon Named Terrorism

We, the human have left behind the barbarism of our ancestors, which they adopted for survival, and advanced into a civilized citizen by personifying a humane character with the help of codes of religion. The violent strike inherited has not been rooted out, it has unconsciously breed into demon called terrorism. This concealed demon has began to liberate and take the road down to cannibalism in the name of religion. Extinguishing these aroused demon seems impossible. But, we can always terminate the demon budding within us. With the gospels of all the religion, i.e. brotherhood, lets kill the demon and unearth the violent force within us. Lets take the road towards humanitarian.


End of the Job Hunting Ordeal

Finally on Nov 3rd 2009 my job hunting ordeal came to an end. I was confirmed an offer. I was jumping up and down, mainly because I was frustrated attending interviews and hearing rejections. I am no super human. Every rejection just weakened my self confidence and hope. I was even prepared to enroll for an MBA program as an alternative option.

Thank God!!! I got a job.. Its a great relief now. I am enjoying the office environment now. After sitting at my new desk, I realized how much I have missed this 1.5 feet space that I hypothetically own. Now I have a cubicle, a PC and loads of documents piled up on my desktop. My ordeal will consequently change its course.

But everything apart.. I have a Job.. hurray
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