During my pregnancy, I was watching my fetal development very closely. It was exciting to know that my lo's heart has started beating or he can hear me now. It was then, I really concentrated on our body. In school, I was too busy cursing the person who discovered these, authored our textbooks and most importantly named the body parts with such difficult names. I was very bad with spellings, so I spent all my time byhearting the spellings.

When I watch my little one grow, I am amazed by the engineering of human body. Those two little hands grow proportionately. Its rare that one grows bigger than other. It also amazes me how he automatically starts trying to reach his next milestone. One day he is sitting, suddenly out of no where he wants to pull up to standing position.

Whether its evolution or created by God, its unbelievable and amazing.


How did they clean up the mess?

Was watching Die Hard 4.0 yesterday. The movie ends with everyone getting to the hospital but was wondering was happened to the country. Probably they should make a movie on that. So much chaos, network was down, roads were blasted, stock market was going crazy and the country had come to a standstill. When the big ring road shattered into pieces, I was just thinking if it was real then it would have taken millions and couple of years to complete. It was shattered in seconds.

Life is also the same I guess. We work so hard to do the things the right way, one wrong move shatters everything we have worked for. It takes years to build, seconds to damage. Life is irreversible and it would be cool if we had a revoke option. Hmmm! What will I do if my life had a revoke button? Don't know where to start, countless wrong moves but I am happy where I am now.


My First visit to The Police Station.

Yesterday I happened to visit the Police Station for my passport verification.When I saw the jail, I realized I had never been to the police station before. When I told the same to my hubby, he joked "Police station is not a picnic spot". True, but I was really excited to be in the police station. The police station that is shown in movies and the one in real has little difference. First of all, its not that spacious, its a small space. In movies, the police station is a single room with couple of tables and few files on them. But in reality, there were a number of rooms, one for the writer, one for the Station inspector etc. There are huge amount of files and notebooks like warrant, court hearing, summons etc. Though India is the front runner in IT, our government still maintains all the records in notebooks. When will India be digitized? In movies, the inspector is always in the station and in reality its very rare. After all inspector is also a human and he has 1000 of jobs at home so poor fellow spends most of the office hours at home. The most surprising thing was every room had a TV and which is the first priority for the officers. 

Deep down the heart, when I was waiting for the inspector, I had a feeling "What will people thing, when they see me in police station. Will they think I have done some bad job or I have come for complaining?". Whatever, who has time to think about others? Its a busy world. Anyway, I will be getting my passport soon. Smiles.


Movies & Dreams

Movies are the major entertainment of today's world especially me. When I get a couple of hours from parenting, I quickly checkout the movie channels for some good movies. These movies have a profound impact on my subconscious mind. I often realize my dreams are the reflection of the movie I have recently watched.

The movie that has haunted my dreams many times is "28 days later". A awesomely scripted and directed movie. After watching the movie, I had a dream about the rage virus affecting the populace and my family is taking shelter in my house by locking up the doors and barricading the door with wooden block in "Signs" movie style. The alien movies like "War of the Worlds", "Independence Day" have also influenced my dream. Not to mention how I fight the aliens and become a hero. The fairy tale movies like "Cindrella", "Alice in the wonderland" also work upon my dream.

Many times my dreams are interrupted by  my little one crying. Its a pleasant feeling to realize what my subconscious mind had made me dream and smile at it.
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