Quickgun Murugan... HAHAHA

Watching the first look of the movie "
Quickgun Murugan - A misadventure of an Indian Cowboy", we added it to our weekend plan. It has everything that a masala movie has. Action, comedy, punch dialogues, flash back, romance, sentiment, villain's unusual plot, heroism etc etc..

The story line is simple: The villain Rice plate Reddy kills all vegetarian restaurant owner's to make them non veg restaurant. Murugan, the pure vegetarian Indian cowboy, who tames cow is irritated and start a tussle with the villain which leads to the death of murugan. After 25 years, he returns from heaven to take revenge on Rice plate reddy who is a big tycoon now and he is in the process of opening a new food chain McDosa.

The best part in the movie:
1. The character names: Rice plate reddy, Gun Powder Mani, Rowdy MBA...
2. The movie is just 1 1/2 hours. Little more would make the movie boring.
3. Its not just mocking South Indian Movies. McDosa. Rowdy MBA who makes an analysis on Dosa. The New Channels.
4. The casting is perfect. I didn't expect to see Lola Kutty the V TV vj in the movie.

Its a 1 time watch entertainer meaningless comedy and stunts.


Give me a break!!!

I remember watching music videos in MTV a few years ago. Now its just roadies, splitsvilla, teen diva, fast and gorgeous and what not. Its unlikely to watch a complete music video in MTV. I seriously dont understand where is music a part of these shows. Its not just MTV, every channel has atleast a couple of reality shows in the prime time. Its like the whole country is set to prove their talent in dancing, singing, crazy task etc etc.. and even to the extreme of finding their partners. The intolerable part is the drama, the tears, the love, the friendship, the abusive language.. OMG!!! where did they all learn to act so well.. In few years down the line i think reality shows will be added in resume and interviews: "Reality shows Participated".. Enough.. Give us a break from the reality show..
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