A spectator

I impersonated as a silent observer of the people around me. I noticed and realized and these are my perspicacity:

People have abandoned their homes and are on the streets, shopping for Pongal/Sankaranti. Vehicles were moving inch by inch. [Great day for peddlers. They were doing a Chance pe dance]

Saw a couple of china-ware toys on cart [Who is gonna buy china-ware on a day before festival? Then thought I shouldn't be saying that. Once went for grocery shopping and bought dresses. Totally forgot about grocery]

Walking on the narrow pavement, happened to see a lady with handful of bags walking on the middle of the pavement, not allowing anyone to overtake here. A long queue tailgated her, none dared to make an appeal. Finally, the cross junction saved them all. [May be she thought she owned the road]

Reached home, discussed about Solar Eclipse. Some advises from kins: not to see the sun, not to eat, should take bath before eating. [Scientific or Superstitious confused. Will try not to eat, at least will shred some fat]

Attended a birthday celebration of the neighbors 1 year old kid, kid was more interested in catching the light from the candle than the colorful cake. [Smart kid, knew the cake will come his way however]

A small discussion about the sugarcane, a lady said she bought 2 sugarcane for Rs. 40. At once another lady who was busy taking pictures of the kid, jumped in and said she bought it for Rs. 30 in a sheer tone of triumph. [What an achievement Madamji, will suggest your name for the next XYZ awards]

Moved on to a small room to have snacks, there was 1 chair and a cot, we took the cozy cot. Two ladies came in. One among them requested the other to take the seat. She refused and asked the first lady to take it. The you take - you take went on for a while. Third lady one came in, then it became you take - you take – you take among the three. After a prolonged discussion, the seat was taken by the fourth person. [Thank God the fourth person didn't start the you take]

More discussion on the vegetable prices and festival shopping. Then snacks were served,once again you take started among the four. [Cmm.. Give me a break]

Conclusion: Every human is a unique species. Some do Chance pe dance, some prefer delegating. Each one has his own torments. One has a trouble with the eclipse whereas the other with the vegetable prices. Specific excitements, may it be a candle light or a buying sugarcane ten rupees less.

Human is indeed a unique Species

“I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” - Ayn Rand


Bhonda Memories

Yesterday, when I was rushing back home, I bumped into a delicatessen, the oily Bhajji blended with the mint chutney, tantalized my olfactive senses. I had no time to spare so had to advance. But as I continued rushing, I pondered my mind to recollect when was the last time I had a Bhajji or my favorite Alu Bhonda. During my school days, my grandmom made alu bhonda for my birthday every year. In the name of assisting her, I used to gulp few alu balls. Though I was not able to recollect when I had those alu balls, the delicious tastes lingers in my mouth even now as I recall.

Looking back now, I miss those days. I didn't know what pizza or burger was, had near heard of appetizer or starter or desserts, never used the word “course”, it was just first round sambhar, second round rasam and third round curd rice. Not that I have stopped eating my authentic food. 80% of my meal is still authentic, but slowly the percentage is decreasing.

In this programmed world, I have adapted to the routine. But, When I smelt the Bhajji, I had a strange feeling. A feeling similar to the moments I recollect with friends in college/school. Though I am in contact with them, there is a something that I miss. May be my room, the hostel or the whole atmosphere. A shallow pain.


No more meetings Please – Part 2, Speaker's Portion

Follow Up: No more meetings Please

Weird Behaviors of the people conducting meeting:

1.In an inaudible speech, tuning down the volume at the end of the sentence [I just end up seeing a puppet show]

2.Flaunting their past [I am not interested in the meeting or your past]

3.Presentations with Animations [Whats the need of animation when slide show is operated manually]

4.Attending Phone calls [Hello, there is a silent/vibrate mode, don't have to pick up every call and say I am in a meeting now, I will call you later]

What are the weird behaviors you have seen in a speaker, comment me?

I follow anyone of the below strategies to stay awake in boring meetings:

1.Ponder on something, may be some fresh ideas or making a to-do list.

2.Observing other people around you, counting heads who are sleeping, bald or white shirts etc. (Best option)

Please share your strategies. There are loads of meeting in the coming weeks and I have to stay awake.


The 3 idiots Hangover

This blog is not a movie review of the 3 idiots or the controversies prevailing it. The recollection of my academic competitive life as a consequence of watching 3 idiots.

It's been a long journey as I look back now, started in a small town called Neyveli where Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) is situated, a government owned lignite mining company in the country. As you might have guessed, the place is loaded with engineers, township of engineers. Every other family we knew were engineers, even my class was loaded with engineer's kid. I knew most of them coz they were my dad's friend's children. Anything and everything that happened in school will roll into my parent's ears. I felt even if I sneezed there is someone informing that to my dad

Monu: Pa, today Pavi sneezed in class

Monu dad: Is it, let me talk to Guna?

Calling my dad [NLC has a intercom which is totally free]

Dad: Hello, How are you?

Monu Dad: I m fine. Is something wrong with Pavi. Monu said Pavi sneezed in class

Dad: Is it, let me talk to her?

Dad: Pavi, did you sneeze in class today?

Pavi[grinning]: Ya, there was so much dust from the duster. So I sneezed

Dad[In the Phone]: There was so much dust in the class so she sneezed

Monu Dad: Oh, is it? Ok then take care. We will talk about it in Office

Every parent had only one thing to discuss: his/her child's education. Thank God! There are serials now that take the focus off the kids. I was an average student and was not as good as others in the class. Everyday my mom would help me rehearse [not understanding] the question and answers with the aide of screaming, pinching and smacking, not her fault though. But, through out the primary school, I remained the same. As the years passed, we moved from place to place, and I learned to rehearse and also understood how to understand what I rehearsed and finally got enrolled in a college to become an engineer.

My initial few weeks in college was my worst nightmare. To start with, I felt I was in an alien planet esp. in the maths class. The admission was still in progress so the first couple of weeks, we were given random problems to solve. Even before I would write down the question to solve, there were people screaming out answers. Everything I could understand was some x,y and constants. Following was physics and chemistry, the class was ready with answer even before the professor framed a question. Next, as I head to hostel, there were geeks on one side who were planning to start their GRE, GMAT or CAT coaching and discussing placement results of the year, on the other there were girls convincing their parents that they can't stay anymore and they wanted to discontinue. Anyway, as weeks passed, class was divided, the concentration of geeks diluted, geeks became friends, the homesick girls gave a run for others and figured out everyone had the similar trauma during the first couple of weeks and finally adapted to the college life.

When I joined college, all I wanted was to understand and learn good programming, I was done rehearsing. As the exams started and grading came along, I understood, understanding the subject didn't matter at all. All they wanted was 9+ grad and 100% attendance. Even the companies which came for recruitment weighed the grade points. But there were few who really understood what they studied, hats off to them.

Anyway I cant change the past. But I wish the younger generation cherish engineering. But, my hopes are low as I watch the younger generation taking part in reality shows, abusing each other and losing the self esteem for recognition and money.

I can just keep my hands on my heart and say "aal izz well"

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