Single Vs Married

23 years Vs 9 months is indeed a biased comparison.

Tracing back, every chapter in life has a pleasant memory. Mimicking the "The pursuit of Happyness" style, the first chapter of my life should rather be called as "Cry baby". As my mom describes, tears would roll out of my eyes even before she canes me. Being an average student in a competitive society like Neyveli, is absolutely a setback. Though I was never able to boost up my confidence during the period, I had a great childhood. Dozens of kids next door and a huge play ground opposite to my home, awesome is the word.

Next part of my life should be called "Miracle". Many hidden talents was miraculous unleashed. A girl who nearly passed the exams, topped the board exams. How else can I describe this? This period also introduced me to some life time experience and great friends.

Then came the period that should be called "Friends". What else can college be called? Its everything to do with friends. Chatting, chatting and more chatting was the only thing we ever did.

Next came the most boring part of my life, should be called as "Reality". It was like a mirror to the reality. Realized living alone is not fun, college hostel food was awesome and software job is not glamorous as it seems.

Then happened the relationship status change. Its a "fairy tale time". I am in a relationship, people to care, a family, my own home and above all Satish. A new meaning and a purpose in life.  

23 years - fun, experience and friends
9 months - love and life


An Experience in Chinnaswamy Stadium

Around 6:45 we reached the Gate 10 of Chinnaswamy Stadium, to watch Royal Challengers Bangalore Versus The Deccan Charges, my first ever experience to watch a match in a stadium. Also for Teju and Sharat, we were super excited. First we bought some flags, whistles and Hair band with Horns, then followed the queue to the gates.

The streets near the stadium were flooded with crazy audience. Few had their face painted, many were already carrying the flag, friends were rejoining, it was instigating. We squeezed through the crowd and entered the stadium. Reaching the deck, we realized we were too late. All the best view seats near the stands had already been taken. Even the flags, the 4/6 posters and the balloons had been picked up. We somehow found few seats at the last.

From the seats we occupied we were not able to see the field clearly, so we went down to passage near the first row to have a closer view. The view was awesome, we decided to stay there and watch the match. As match started my illusion was cleared. I had been thinking that at the end of each over the batsmen switched places. But only in the second over of the match I realized that except the batsmen everyone else switched places. [Another Stupid thought -> It takes a wonderful brain and exquisite senses to produce a few stupid ideas].  also realized that the field is not very big as it appears in TV and the wicketkeeper do not stand just behind the stumps. He stands about the same distance as that of the batsmen.

Seriously speaking, we rarely saw the ball in the air. We saw the bowler blow the ball and batsmen hit it. Then we really didn't know were the ball went. Only when the fielders ran for the ball, we caught the sight of it. In the last 5 overs of the first innings, when RCB was hitting sixes and fours, we were on the toes, jumping and screaming. The crowd was going crazy. Flags were waved, Ouhs and Auhs throughout the gallery, screams and cheers from every seat, it was electrifying. The dance numbers and the drums were adding to the madness. Between the balls, people waved, held banners and danced to grab the camera attention, so they could be shown on the TV.

Finally, the crowd as disappointed that RCB lost but the fun was unlimited. We headed back home, exhausted.

Cheers to everyone in the stadium, everyone have been a part of my awesome first experience of the match in the stadium.
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