First 2 weeks in Laos

It’s been about 10 days in Vientiane, Laos and I need to share my experience. On the day of our arrival, we were very shocked to see the shops closed at 6. We were hoping the mall near our hotel will be open, but that was also closed. He somehow found a restaurant. The next few days, we understood, the city sleeps early. Lao people love spending time with their family. As we roamed around the city, we found people sitting in benches in front of the houses/shops playing checkers and enjoying food with the family. Like back home, every home/shop has a small mandir, to which offering are made.

In the end of the first week, we shifted to another hotel. It’s located in the tourist hang out area and we soon realized the city is not that early sleeping. In this area, though few shops are closed, most of them are open. It’s loaded with restaurants and tourists. Lao and Thai are obviously the most popular cuisine here. But the Indian restaurants are flooded with tourist. People are very friendly; they don’t stare or pass comment on tourists. “Sabaidee” meaning hello can be heard from everyone. English knowledge is quite OK.
There are many beautiful modern as well as vintage cars. But motor-bikes and cycles are more. Buses are used for commuting between villages/cities. Traffic is not heavy but at office hours there is a little traffic in the main roads Very few sky-scrappers, so it’s beautiful to stand outside the balcony and look at the city.
For a small city, the number of CD shops seems quiet high. Every other shop sells CD. There is a public gym, with some equipment which is free for all. Great idea, think it will be create if installed in India.
Overall, the two weeks in Laos had been great. Loving the gift of time and calmness. It’s a contrast to Bangalore and a very relaxed place.


TOIP - Traveling on Indian Passport

Hi all,

Its been a long time I have posted, I was quiet busy with work and other things. I hope to blog quiet frequently now. I am into a new adventure so, watch out for some interesting posts.

As a follow-up to my previous blog, I have been wondering a lot about my travel passion and have finally decided to start a travel blog. Its called "TOIP -  Traveling on Indian Passport". I am trying to post interesting articles related to travel. Hopefully, it entertains everyone. Please have a look at it and comment. If you have any similar idea or a need info on any place, I would love to investigate on it and post an article on the same.


A passion to Travel

I had been an admirer of different places and experience. But I never got a chance to visit many places. Two reasons, one: I am too timid to travel alone and secondly:  I was not able to find a travel mate. Anyways, now I have a defaulter, my hubby. He has promised to take me to every corner of the earth. However, whenever the time and finance permits. Hmmm.. We are optimistic and hoping to travel to North pole to South Pole, 1 place at a time. 

So, to remain passionate, I have been goggling around learning about different place. I should admit I have become a little travel guru, not an expert though. Researching about different places, when to visit, how to visit, what to see, what to buy, where to stay etc. have become my hobby now. 

Anyway, first I thought, I would compile all the information and create a blog/website. But there are enough number of websites and travel guides and hence one can get the info in one/other site. 
So, I am thinking of becoming a trip adviser (not a full-time though). There are many people who want to travel but don't know where/how/when etc. Best example is Honeymooners, they wanna travel somewhere romantic and different but not really knowing where. Here is my role. I will help them sort out their travel plan, personalize the trip planner according to their needs. Does it sound convincing? 

Anyway, people who have queries about travel can post a coment them here. I will try my best to help you. You can also refer me to others ;). 

Fingers crossed for the response. Do comment about my idea? Is it feasible ? Anything..


Small things for the Community

Courtesy -
There are times, we feel guilty seeing people participate in social awareness activities, when we were not able to show our support. Though we understood our responsibility towards the community and wanted to join them, there was some important situation/reason that stopped us. These obstacles don't have to stop us. If we run into a dead end, we don't stop and give-up. We turn around to find a different route.

As Napoleon Hill ones quotes “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” To support a cause, we can do small things that can make a big difference. Actions speak louder than words. I have tried to mention some small things that we can practice to do our part to the community. Please comments about the small things you do, so that we can practice them too.

    Go Green – Save Trees
    We have already reduced the usage of paper and limited the printout we take. We can go a little further by not throwing the waste paper in thrash. When we throw the paper in thrash, it mixes with the other waste like cooking waste and hence it cannot be recycled
    Action: We can separate any paper product like the ticket printouts, bills, newspaper etc., and give it for recycle. We can also get little bucks on them if we give it to the paper-walas.
    Say No to Plastic
    Action: While shopping we can carry fancy “Go Green” cloth bags and avoid getting the polythene bags given in the shops. We can become the trend setter by doing this. People following us may even do the same while they shop next time.
    Keep the city clean
    We throw garbage on the streets because we know no one is gonna ask us. What if we lived in Singapore were throwing thrash on the ground is prohibited?
     Action: Lets imagine we are in Singapore and dispose waste in the nearby bin. Singapore is made beautiful by it people. Lets make our city beautiful
    Don't Spit
    Will we allow anyone to spit in our house? There are so many disease spreading because of that.
     Action: Spit in the dust bin.
    Don't buy Diamond
    We are moving up in life, diamonds have become a way to showcase it. The diamonds are unearthed by African slaves. Do we really want to spend money on sometime which has a tag of sorrow and humiliation attached to it.
     Action: Lets think twice before we buy diamonds. Watch "The Blood Diamond" movie.
    No bulbs
    The round bulbs we traditionally used emits a lot of CFL which intensifies the ozone hole and in turn affecting us with the “Climate change”
    Action: Replace bulbs with power savers lights. We can also reduce the CFL emission by reducing the usage of A/C and fridge.
    Don't Waste Food
    We know how much we can eat. Then why take excess food and throw it in dust bin
     Action: We can take sufficient/less food first, complete that and go for more if hungry. Food is god. Wasting food is more sinful than killing someone. What is the use of poja, fast and prayers when we knowingly waste food that someone else can live on.
Lets practice these whenever possible however possible. Hope this post was of some use


Off the rain, Under a roof

Its raining in Bangalore everyday. The smell of the mud, the cold nights and greenery is back. The bad part though is that, it always rains in the evening, just when we leave office :(. Here is a fictional experience.

As the first drop of rain fell on my head, I geared up my bike, hoping to reach home before the rain starts pours. It was not just me, everyone on the road have accelerated and I knew it was an "On your mark, Get-Set-Go" moment. The drizzle slowly intensified while I waited for a long signal. The red light seemed permanent. Finally, when the green appeared, I was almost drenched.

The visibility was low and I felt driving further would be risky. Lucky, I was in the shopping district. So, I parked my vehicle and ran to the nearby shop. There was very little room for more people. I squeezed in and found a little spot. I removed my coat and helmet and breathed  the mesmerizing smell of mud. I stood there watching people and the shops around me. I realized I have never seen many shop though I had traveled the same route for years.

Soon I felt bored, so I decided to do what everyone else did under an unknown roof, calling  those number, which we knowingly forgot. After about an hour, the rain had no signs of subsiding and I ran out of people I can talk to. Water in my clothes had dripped off and I was almost dry. So, I headed to the shop in which I had taken refuge, a branded show room. I didn't have any intension to shop yet I step in to checkout the casuals. The collections were good and tried half a dozen tees and tops. Finally picked 1 tee and went ahead to bill, expecting the rain must have stopped. Another half an hour had passed, the rain had not let up.

Mad with the rain, I headed to the cafe. Cafe was not crowded. I found a seat with the good view  to watch TV and ordered a cappuccino and a smoked chicken sandwich. While I called home to inform that I was stuck, the order had came. Then, it was me, the cappuccino and the smoked chicken sandwich spiced up with a gossip show on TV.

Ideally, drinking a hot coffee with some deli in a nice couch on a rainy day would just be perfect. But doing it alone was annoying. After about 15 - 20 mins, I couldn't take any more. I decided to drive in any case. Fortunately, as i fled down, I noticed the rain had stopped. No time to spare, I wore my coat, pressed on the vehicle and was finally heading back home.

Stuck in the heavy jam after the rain, I prayed "Thank you God for the rain! I just wish it doesn't rain when I leave office."


Single Vs Married

23 years Vs 9 months is indeed a biased comparison.

Tracing back, every chapter in life has a pleasant memory. Mimicking the "The pursuit of Happyness" style, the first chapter of my life should rather be called as "Cry baby". As my mom describes, tears would roll out of my eyes even before she canes me. Being an average student in a competitive society like Neyveli, is absolutely a setback. Though I was never able to boost up my confidence during the period, I had a great childhood. Dozens of kids next door and a huge play ground opposite to my home, awesome is the word.

Next part of my life should be called "Miracle". Many hidden talents was miraculous unleashed. A girl who nearly passed the exams, topped the board exams. How else can I describe this? This period also introduced me to some life time experience and great friends.

Then came the period that should be called "Friends". What else can college be called? Its everything to do with friends. Chatting, chatting and more chatting was the only thing we ever did.

Next came the most boring part of my life, should be called as "Reality". It was like a mirror to the reality. Realized living alone is not fun, college hostel food was awesome and software job is not glamorous as it seems.

Then happened the relationship status change. Its a "fairy tale time". I am in a relationship, people to care, a family, my own home and above all Satish. A new meaning and a purpose in life.  

23 years - fun, experience and friends
9 months - love and life


An Experience in Chinnaswamy Stadium

Around 6:45 we reached the Gate 10 of Chinnaswamy Stadium, to watch Royal Challengers Bangalore Versus The Deccan Charges, my first ever experience to watch a match in a stadium. Also for Teju and Sharat, we were super excited. First we bought some flags, whistles and Hair band with Horns, then followed the queue to the gates.

The streets near the stadium were flooded with crazy audience. Few had their face painted, many were already carrying the flag, friends were rejoining, it was instigating. We squeezed through the crowd and entered the stadium. Reaching the deck, we realized we were too late. All the best view seats near the stands had already been taken. Even the flags, the 4/6 posters and the balloons had been picked up. We somehow found few seats at the last.

From the seats we occupied we were not able to see the field clearly, so we went down to passage near the first row to have a closer view. The view was awesome, we decided to stay there and watch the match. As match started my illusion was cleared. I had been thinking that at the end of each over the batsmen switched places. But only in the second over of the match I realized that except the batsmen everyone else switched places. [Another Stupid thought -> It takes a wonderful brain and exquisite senses to produce a few stupid ideas].  also realized that the field is not very big as it appears in TV and the wicketkeeper do not stand just behind the stumps. He stands about the same distance as that of the batsmen.

Seriously speaking, we rarely saw the ball in the air. We saw the bowler blow the ball and batsmen hit it. Then we really didn't know were the ball went. Only when the fielders ran for the ball, we caught the sight of it. In the last 5 overs of the first innings, when RCB was hitting sixes and fours, we were on the toes, jumping and screaming. The crowd was going crazy. Flags were waved, Ouhs and Auhs throughout the gallery, screams and cheers from every seat, it was electrifying. The dance numbers and the drums were adding to the madness. Between the balls, people waved, held banners and danced to grab the camera attention, so they could be shown on the TV.

Finally, the crowd as disappointed that RCB lost but the fun was unlimited. We headed back home, exhausted.

Cheers to everyone in the stadium, everyone have been a part of my awesome first experience of the match in the stadium.


Day 8 - Mustafa Center, Sim Lim Square, Thaipusam at Singapore

Finally day, we were tanned, exhausted and also felt sad that the vacation had come to an end. We decided to do some shopping so we visited the Mustafa center. We bought some souviniers. Then we had an authentic South Indian food in Anjapaar. We also visited the Sim Lim Square and bought some electronics.

Little India being inhabited by Indians and majority by Tamilians, was vibrant on the occasion of Thaipusam. There was a separate lane setup for the devotees to carry the Kavadi (Decorative piece of Wood) and pal kudam (Milk Pot). From kids to adults everyone were carrying kavadi. The streets were flooded with tourists and devotees. Free food and soft drinks were being distributed at different places. It was a unique experience to see the festival being celebrated so well in Singapore.

Finally we checked in at Changi Airport and did last minute duty free shopping.I cherished the 8 days of mixed adventure and amusement as we headed back home. It will linger in our heart for ever.

Day 7 - Jurong Bird park, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Singapore

We were totally exhaust on Day 7. However, as planned we left to Jurong Bird Park. We first headed to the bird show where we saw flamingo dance, macaw fly between the rings, pelican march and also a macaw speak. After a very entertaining show, we toured the park with the help of the map. We spotted many different birds flamingo, pelicans, macaw, swam, Lori, Cranes, ostrich, Emo, eagles, penguins etc. Watching so many bird birds in different colors was magnificent. The bird park was quiet huge and by the time we ended the tour, it was late in the afternoon.

We had planned to visit The Singapore Zoo and night Safari following the Jurong bird park tour. But the Bird park tour, we had no strength left to walk neither we had the luxury to spend one more day. Anyway we headed to Singapore Zoo to just see whatever possible and proceed to Night Safari.

The Singapore zoo was awesome. We spotted Tigers, Kangaroos, Wallaby, many species of Monkey, Polar bear, elephant, zebra, giraffe, lions, panthers etc. The beauty of the Zoo was how they have created an environment similar to forest, free and open, yet guarded and fenced. The cages had plenty of space to move around and were kept very clean. Even with less time, we ran around and managed to spot most of the animals.

Next we headed to the night safari. First we visited the show, where hygienes, snakes were brought out. Then we took a little walk into the jungle. The whole park was maintained typically like a forest and the walk was quiet scary. We were lucky enough to spot a tiger just a few inches from the guarded glass viewer. Next we boarded the tram which guided us through the whole area were we spotted many animals in the dark.

After a memorable safari, we headed back home extremely exhausted.

Day 6 - Temples, Sentosa Island, China Town, Singapore

Today our expedition started with visits to temples. First we visited Veeramakaliamman Temple, which was just across street. After a quick worship at this more than 125 years old Amman temple, we headed to China Town.

In the China Town, we visited Thian Hock Keng Temple, an oldest Hokkien Temple. The structure and the architecture of the temple was very beautiful. We were surprised by the similarity in sculptures and carvings of the Indian and Chinese Temple.

In Telok Ayer Green, we saw beautiful sculptures depicting the festival activity of Chinese immigrant and the arrival of Indians in Singapore. Then we proceeded to the Sentosa Island.

We reached Sentosa Island in a Monorail and first headed to Underwater World to once again enjoy the experience. As we entered the counter, we were informed that the Dolphin show has already started. So we rushed to the Dolphin lagoon. By the time we reached the dolphin show was half way through, we saw the fur seals performs. It was very cute to see the fur seals dance, run and act.

Next we headed back to the Underwater world. Again we touched the Star fish, baby sharks, feed the rai. Then we spotted crabs, fishes, turtles, jelly fishes, sea horse and many many species of aquatic life in different size, color and shape. Next we entered the Underwater tunnel, this underwater world had huge fishes. It was a feast to our eyes. We just loved it. I would not might visiting underwater world several times, its indeed an out of world experience.

Finally, we again headed to the Dolphin Lagoon to see the dolphins this time. The dolphins jumped, dived, clapped and danced. It was a great show. Spotting dolphins for the first time we were amused.

After resting for sometime in the Silosa beach, we headed to the spot the Southernmost point of Continental Asia. This is the southernmost point in Asia that can be reached on road.

Songs of the Sea was our next destination. It was a kind of a Laser show. The show was like a story. A group of kids were trying to find the princess with the help of an animated character Oscar. The 45 minutes show was mind-blowing. I have never experienced a show that was so amazing that I just couldn't leave the seat. After an marvelous experience, we headed back to China Town.

It was finally our time to shop. China Town is a wonderful place to shop and eat. The Chinese new year decorative materials were so beautiful that we got into a spending spree. With handful of bags we headed to the China Town Food Street, on the way we watched some typical Chinese selling acts. In the red lantern lite food street, we tasted some of the delicious Chinese food and headed back to the hotel.


Day 5 - Raffles Place, Boat Quay, Merilion Park, Esplanade Bay, Singapore Flyer, Singapore

We woke up late as our flight to Singapore was only at 11AM. Without any hurry we packed, had breakfast and walked to the airport. Within an hour we were in Changi airport Singapore. After buying tourist pass and calling card, we headed to Little India. First we treated our longing taste buds with authentic South Indian delicacies in Komala Vilas and then checked-in to Hotel Santa Grand.

Our plan for the day was to walk from Raffles Place to Singapore flyer and explore the places inbetween. From Raffles MRT station, we walked to Boat Quay. We sat in the benches near the bank of Singapore river and strolled near the Quay and saw some beautiful statues. Next we proceeded to the Merilion Park.

The Merilion statue overlooking the Singapore sea instilled a unique emotion of Singapore. We observed the imaginary creature for sometime and continued on the Esplanade bridge. On the way, we saw the stunning Esplanade theater on the Marine bay. 

Finally we reached the Singapore Flyer, as planned in the evening just before sunset, to catch the glimpse of the city in sunlight and twilight. Singapore flyer is the tallest Ferris wheel, with 28 AC capsules that can hold about 28 passengers and takes about 37 minutes for a complete rotation.

While we boarded the capsule, it was just before sunset and the city was already glowing. As the flyer started rotating slowly and the darkness crept in, the city lighten with different colors and looked absolutely gorgeous. The Sea, Singapore river, the Business district buildings, even the trees around the place was decorated and beautifully lite. We thoroughly enjoyed the 40 minutes ride in the capsule.

Finally we headed back to the hotel and rested to continue the exploration the following day.


Day4 – Island Hopping Tour, Eagle Feeding, Langkawi Cable Car, Langkawi Suspended Bridge, Langkawi

Today, we set off on a tour to the Langkawi Islands. We were picked up from the hotel and transferred to a jetty point. It was a trip in speed boat. I have traveled in speed boats before, but nothing was like this. It was very fast and it jumped every time we hit a wave. During the ride, we also got to see many beautiful tiny rock islands as we wave surfed in the speed boat.

First the speed boat halted near the Pregnant Maiden, it is a mountain shaped like a pregnant women resting. After quick photo session, we were dropped off at Pulau Dayang Bunting Island. It is a small intriguing island with a freshwater lake. We did activities like Pedal boat ride and fish reflexology.

After about an hour, we went back and set off to see eagle feeding. As the boat slowed down and driver threw fishes into the water, there were eagles from every direction flying down to feed on the fishes. Within a couple of minutes, we saw hundreds of the legends of Langkawi (Eagles of Langkawi) glide down and pick up the fishes in their beak. It was a spectacular sight.

Next we cruised to Pulau Beras Basah, a paradise tropical beach with crystal clear water and white sand. We walked on the rocks to the tip of the island to spot the end of the land and the infinity sea. We didn’t want the tour to end, however we left the breathtaking uninhabited island and motored back to the jetty.

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After being exposed to the harsh sun for around 4 hours, we were totally dehydrated and starved. So we had a nice meal in an Indian Restaurant and headed to do some shopping.

Our exploration wasn’t over for the day; next we headed to the Oriented Village to enjoy a ride in the Langkawi cable Car. The cable car glided above rainforest to the base station which is located in the foothills of the Machincang mountain range. The ride in the cable car was incredible. After enjoying the view points we took another cable car which transported us the top station, the Peak of Machincang Mountain. Then we climbed a fleet of steps to the observatory decks to be mesmerized in the stunning views of the islands and the beaches. The 360 degree panoramic view of the archipelagos was magnificent.

After enjoying the view for a while, we moved on to the suspended bridge that linked the top station to the Machincang mountain range. Walking through the pedestrian bridge, we enjoyed more ravishing seascapes.

Then we returned back to the oriental village, did little more shopping, and relaxed for a while. Satish even dared to carry a python for snaps.

Finally we check-out of Langkawi, arrived at Kuala Lumpur and checked-in the airport hotel, The Tune. Then, it was a black-out before heading to Singapore the next day.


A Catastrophe

Hi All,

I didn't want to interrupt my Singapore-Malaysia Vacation blog, but this post was important and should be shared. So, I forced myself to find a little time in my fully packed schedule [:(]. Here is the catastrophe.

It was around 10 AM Sunday morning. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Suddenly I heard a loud blast outside. At once heard shriek cry of a women. I ran to the balcony to check-out what was going on. In the opposite street, four building to the left, I saw a lady sitting in the stair-case and crying. Then people from the floor below were running up to the 4Th floor of the building.

I thought it might be a cylinder blast. I didn't see any fire. But, saw people carrying buckets of water and hose pipe. Soon people from neighboring streets gathered. Many even went up to the 4Th floor to take the glimpse of the havoc. The atmosphere was tensed.

I went to my room, one floor above, to alarm my husband of the tragedy. He was already in the balcony and he informed that when he heard the blast, the electricity switched off and switched on after a while. He assumed it might be electric shock mishap. Soon, a car rushed to the building to take the casualty to the hospital.

First,one man walked down with the carpet covering him. It was little relief. Then we saw four people holding the corners of a carpet and carrying a person down. We didn't know whether the person was male or female, kid or adult. It was a disturbing sight. The car rushed them to the hospital.

After a while, my father in-law came up, he said they were electrocuted while setting up the DTH connection. We discussed for a while the possible reasons and then set off to do our daily work.

Later the day we heard many stories. We saw policemen and press investigating the event. Finally we heard from a neighbor, the true story:

The family had just moved in to the building two days back. Two men from the house were setting up the DTH connection. There is a High Density electrical line that passes very close to the building. During re-installation of the dish TV, they have tried to pass a cable between the HD lines. The cable had touched the HD line and hence electrocuted them. One person suffered 30% burns and other who was carried in the carpet suffered 60% burns. Both are hospitalized and under treatment.

Thank God, there was no death. But 60% burns isn't a good news either.

A gloomy day. But eye-opener for the hundreds who witness the catastrophe. I have tried to portray the events, believing it would bring alertness to more people. Please get an electrician while relocating. Is a few hundreds more precious than life?

Prayers for the injured and the family.


Day 3 - Pulua Mayar Marine Park, Langkawi, Malaysia

Next morning early at 8:00, we had an awesome breakfast at Hotel Helang and started in the Coral Island Tour bus to the Jetty Point to board the Cruise to Puala Mayar Marine Park. First we headed to a hotel where we got our hands strapped with the Coral Island ribbon and then we were taken to the Jetty Point. It was my first time Cruising, I was so excited. In the cruise we took a nice seat near the glassed window. Within 10 mins, we set off on the sea. Instructions were given about the tour, but I didn’t pay much attention, because I was not able to take my eyes of the window. The sea was so beautiful, just a blue sea till my reach. There were also small and tiny islands looked like a floating rocks with plants on them.

After the cruise crossed the Langkawi sea limits, we were allowed to go to the upper open deck and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Air turbulence was pushing us in every direction. We stood there for sometime and went back to our seats. We reached Puala Payar Marine Park after 1 ½ hours of cruising. From the Cruise we took a speed boat to reach the shore. In the shore, the snorkeling equipments were distributed. Then we hit the beach.

The water was clean and cold. We were able to see some fishes with the bare eyes. Wearing the mask and snorkel, I dived into the water. Once the bubbles cleared, I was able to see the beautiful white sand and some pebbles, and I was about to stand up, I saw a group of fishes fishing under me. As a reflex, I tried to grab them but obviously it was not possible so swam with them for a while and stood up.

Initially, I was not using the snorkel correctly, so I was not able to dive for long time. Then, after I got it correct, I was not able to come out of the water. We snorkeled for a couple of hours. Swimming with fishes, seeing the beautiful corals and other aquatic life was an awesome experience. Next we fed the baby sharks. It was amazing to see the sharks rushing to fed at once the bread crumbs were thrown in the water. Around 3 PM, we started back from the Marine Park and reached the hotel. We had a quick shower and took a power nap.

Around 7 o’clock, we went to the Orkid Ria Restaurant. The food was awesome. I tasted the lobster first time there. Then after a good dinner, we went back to the hotel and rest for the day.


Day 2 - Batu Caves, Aquaria, KLCC Discovery Center, Malaysia - Langkawi

We woke up early and after a good breakfast at Hotel Sentral, we headed to Batu Caves. Batu caves is a limestone hill with Lord Muruga's temple. It's the tallest Statue of Muruga in the world. We took a train to Terminal Putra and then a taxi to the caves.

It was a week before "Thaipusam", and the celebrations had already begun. The cave was flooded with devotees and tourists. After checking out people carry kavadi for a while, we climbed up to the base temple. The base temple was jam-packed with people, so we ruled out the option to visit the base temple and climbed further to the main temple. The locale of the main temple was beautiful, light from the cave holes falling on the temple roof and the limestone rocks with calcium dripping added to the beauty.

After darshan, we came down drained, thanks to the humidity and the temperature. After clicking few snaps in front of the Statue, we headed to the Suria, KLCC. Chinese New Year was a few weeks away so the Suria Complex was beautifully decorated with lanterns and lights, everything in red.

Aquaria was our next destination which was also in the Suria Complex. Aquaria was awesome. First we touched and held starfish, Ray and Baby Sharks. Next we explored the aquarium spotting different fishes, crabs, turtles etc. Finally we ended up at the underwater world tunnel. Its a huge aquarium of fishes with a tunnel passage to experience the underwater water. Seeing family of fishes swimming inches away, Ray and sharks above the head was quite an experience. I couldn't leave the underwater world even after two trips into the tunnel. However, we moved on and had a good Thai Lunch in the foot court in Surai.

We had planned to visit Bukit Bintang and do some shopping, but we were dead tired. So we headed to the Suria complex for window shopping. After roaming for a while, I and Satish headed to explore The Discovery Center leaving my in-laws in a coffee shop. Discovery center is a science exhibit and game type center, a good place for kids. Considering our exhaustion and the outstretched display, it was definitely not for us. Initially we examined some expo, tried some scientific games and latter we were just hunting for the exit.

Finally we returned to the hotel collected our baggage and traveled to the airport to fly to Langkawi, a small island in Malaysia. Landing in Langkawi, we checked-in to Hotel Helang which was 2 minutes walk from the airport and rested our tired bones.


Day 1: Malay- Singapore Trip

It was a breezy cold night as we reached the BIAL (Bangalore International Airport) on Jan 22nd, for a week long vacation we had planned and anticipated for a couple of months. Our first destination was Kuala Lumpur and our flight was via Singapore. The Tiger Airways landed before time, and we had solid 2 hours for our next the flight to Kuala Lumpur. In spite of the sufficient time, we literally ran like the contestants of the “Amazing Race”, as the immigration process consumed hell lot of time. Bus from Budget Terminal to Terminal 2 and then a Sky train from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, finally, we checked in the Air Asia flight just on time. Cheers.

Day 1: Kuala Lumpur
[Places Visited: Petalling Street, Menara Towers, Petronas Towers]

Landing in Kuala Lumpur, foxes were groveling in our stomach. So we hit the Old Town White Coffee Shop, in front of the Arrivals. Being super excited, I jumped on to experiment the foreign Cuisine. I ordered a “Nan Yang” Coffee. OMG! It was strong black coffee, which I was totally alien to. Trying hard I gulped half the cup, but couldn’t drink further. Then, we took a sky liner bus to the KL city. The landscape on the way was quite awesome to our Indian eyes, clean neat roads, houses similar to one another, like it had been copy-pasted.

We had booked the Hotel Sentral which was just opposite to the Bus Station. Little did we know that it was just a10 minutes walk, so we hired a taxi and spent a 10 RM. Hotel Sentral was quite a good place considering it’s proximity to the Bus, train and monorail stations. After a quick nap for 3 hours, we took the RapidKL train to Station near Jalan Petalling. Flooded with fake goods, handbags, dresses, food items, souvenirs, hawker stalls, it’s a paradise for the shopper’s and food lovers. After a quick walk, a little shopping and a delicious noodles feast, we headed to the KL towers, also known as Menara towers.

We reached the towers just before sunset, so as we planned we got the view of the city both with and without sunlight. View from the KL Tower Observatory desk is awesome, especially the sight of the Petronas Twin Tower, standing tall and majestic. After enjoying the zoomed view of the skyscrapers from the binocular, we watched the light show on the Tower.

As the lights kept changing colors, our necks were strained watching the tall tower, so we headed to the animal kingdom near the tower. It had few caged animals and hell lot of sleepy snakes. I just feel creepy seeing the snakes so I just ran around as the other enjoyed. Finally, I had the traditional vacation picture with a macaw on my shoulder.

Next we headed to the Petronas Towers to get the glimpse of the tower at night. I would recommend every tourist to visit the Petronas towers both in the day and night.

Finally headed to the hotel, and drifted into a deep sleep.


A spectator

I impersonated as a silent observer of the people around me. I noticed and realized and these are my perspicacity:

People have abandoned their homes and are on the streets, shopping for Pongal/Sankaranti. Vehicles were moving inch by inch. [Great day for peddlers. They were doing a Chance pe dance]

Saw a couple of china-ware toys on cart [Who is gonna buy china-ware on a day before festival? Then thought I shouldn't be saying that. Once went for grocery shopping and bought dresses. Totally forgot about grocery]

Walking on the narrow pavement, happened to see a lady with handful of bags walking on the middle of the pavement, not allowing anyone to overtake here. A long queue tailgated her, none dared to make an appeal. Finally, the cross junction saved them all. [May be she thought she owned the road]

Reached home, discussed about Solar Eclipse. Some advises from kins: not to see the sun, not to eat, should take bath before eating. [Scientific or Superstitious confused. Will try not to eat, at least will shred some fat]

Attended a birthday celebration of the neighbors 1 year old kid, kid was more interested in catching the light from the candle than the colorful cake. [Smart kid, knew the cake will come his way however]

A small discussion about the sugarcane, a lady said she bought 2 sugarcane for Rs. 40. At once another lady who was busy taking pictures of the kid, jumped in and said she bought it for Rs. 30 in a sheer tone of triumph. [What an achievement Madamji, will suggest your name for the next XYZ awards]

Moved on to a small room to have snacks, there was 1 chair and a cot, we took the cozy cot. Two ladies came in. One among them requested the other to take the seat. She refused and asked the first lady to take it. The you take - you take went on for a while. Third lady one came in, then it became you take - you take – you take among the three. After a prolonged discussion, the seat was taken by the fourth person. [Thank God the fourth person didn't start the you take]

More discussion on the vegetable prices and festival shopping. Then snacks were served,once again you take started among the four. [Cmm.. Give me a break]

Conclusion: Every human is a unique species. Some do Chance pe dance, some prefer delegating. Each one has his own torments. One has a trouble with the eclipse whereas the other with the vegetable prices. Specific excitements, may it be a candle light or a buying sugarcane ten rupees less.

Human is indeed a unique Species

“I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” - Ayn Rand

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