Racism needs an Attitude change

We proudly say Unity in diversity. But are we really united. When terror attacks happen in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. we raise our voice, when India wins a cricket match we are united. But do we really bother to read the news about Naxalite attaches in the North Eastern states, the problems faced in the Border States or the people in Andaman or Lakshadweep.
We still discriminate people in the name of caste. There is a quota system still on. I have heard from a friend that she was always ridiculed in college because she got into the college using the quota seats.
We scorn people from different State in media. Recently, the title track of movie “Ek” was censored because it called people from a particular state as murderers. Doesn't it hurt the people from that state? In one of the program in Zoom, an editor of a popular magazine was asked about a Heroine’s look, she plainly said “I think after doing few movies in South, she has become one of those. She has put on a lot of weight”. Wasn't this an abuse? How many of us ask the people from North-East, Are you from China or Nepal?
Being dark skinned is the worst luck. Best example is the Matrimonial Classified of the newspaper. Bride and groom always want a fair partner.
Racism within country though not in the form of attacks or assaults, it’s in our mind. Racism needs an attitude change. Making 100 laws or deploying thousands guards will not solve the problem. Let’s respect one another and try changing our attitude.
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