Day 1: Malay- Singapore Trip

It was a breezy cold night as we reached the BIAL (Bangalore International Airport) on Jan 22nd, for a week long vacation we had planned and anticipated for a couple of months. Our first destination was Kuala Lumpur and our flight was via Singapore. The Tiger Airways landed before time, and we had solid 2 hours for our next the flight to Kuala Lumpur. In spite of the sufficient time, we literally ran like the contestants of the “Amazing Race”, as the immigration process consumed hell lot of time. Bus from Budget Terminal to Terminal 2 and then a Sky train from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, finally, we checked in the Air Asia flight just on time. Cheers.

Day 1: Kuala Lumpur
[Places Visited: Petalling Street, Menara Towers, Petronas Towers]

Landing in Kuala Lumpur, foxes were groveling in our stomach. So we hit the Old Town White Coffee Shop, in front of the Arrivals. Being super excited, I jumped on to experiment the foreign Cuisine. I ordered a “Nan Yang” Coffee. OMG! It was strong black coffee, which I was totally alien to. Trying hard I gulped half the cup, but couldn’t drink further. Then, we took a sky liner bus to the KL city. The landscape on the way was quite awesome to our Indian eyes, clean neat roads, houses similar to one another, like it had been copy-pasted.

We had booked the Hotel Sentral which was just opposite to the Bus Station. Little did we know that it was just a10 minutes walk, so we hired a taxi and spent a 10 RM. Hotel Sentral was quite a good place considering it’s proximity to the Bus, train and monorail stations. After a quick nap for 3 hours, we took the RapidKL train to Station near Jalan Petalling. Flooded with fake goods, handbags, dresses, food items, souvenirs, hawker stalls, it’s a paradise for the shopper’s and food lovers. After a quick walk, a little shopping and a delicious noodles feast, we headed to the KL towers, also known as Menara towers.

We reached the towers just before sunset, so as we planned we got the view of the city both with and without sunlight. View from the KL Tower Observatory desk is awesome, especially the sight of the Petronas Twin Tower, standing tall and majestic. After enjoying the zoomed view of the skyscrapers from the binocular, we watched the light show on the Tower.

As the lights kept changing colors, our necks were strained watching the tall tower, so we headed to the animal kingdom near the tower. It had few caged animals and hell lot of sleepy snakes. I just feel creepy seeing the snakes so I just ran around as the other enjoyed. Finally, I had the traditional vacation picture with a macaw on my shoulder.

Next we headed to the Petronas Towers to get the glimpse of the tower at night. I would recommend every tourist to visit the Petronas towers both in the day and night.

Finally headed to the hotel, and drifted into a deep sleep.
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