On my 26th birthday

Its my 26th birthday. Hmmm.. Only on my 18th birthday I wanted to shout out loud saying I am 18 and I am a major now. Rest all birthdays reminds me I am getting old. Anyway birthday is  very special day. As a child, I loved distributing sweets. My mom used to bake cake and call the neighbours to cut it in the evening. In my teenage, I didn't want to cut cake just to show that I am a grown up and cutting cake is for kids. The cake cutting and rubbing the cream all over the face became a college thing. Then when I started working, cutting cake was more formal. You send a mail sweets at my desk and then followed but cutting cake in the evening with some chips etc.

The best parts of birthday are the new dress, gifts and the treat. I don't remember most of the dresses I bought for my birthday or the gifts I received but there are sweet little memories that linker like making chocolate balls with the left over icing of the cake my mom made, my friend Sugi wishing me happy birthday the whole day, the lunch at the Chinese restaurant etc. Every birthday is as special as the one before, its the people who we are with make it more special. This year its with my lil one who has already licked all over my face to show his love.


Blog on Baby experience

I have started a blog on baby experience. The URL is
Its been quite a journey with my lil one. I am not an baby expert, I am just a struggling mom trying to figure out whats best for my boy. The blog is been up for some time, I have shared some of my thoughts during pregnancy. Now will continue to blog on various little thoughts that eats a mom's head. Please comment and share your thoughts as well.


Small town girl

I was recalling the peaceful days I spent in Laos last year and realized that I am not a big city person. The couple of weeks, we spent in Laos was very relaxing. We felt the clock was ticking slower but in city like Bangalore 24 hours is not sufficient. Its a race to live in cities. The traffic, the honking and the hurrying people around makes me impatient. Even the air in cities has a rush.
Living in a big city, I miss the fresh air, the silent morning, chats during breakfast, the friendly neighbors and calm nights. I wish and pray that in my old age, I return to a small town where there isn't much to shop but yet I am happy, where there is no junk food chains but a hot bonda makes the evening tea spicy, where there is no cinema but still I am entertained, where my son can ride his cycle freely. I am a small town person and my heart aches for it.


Down the memory lane

Watching the road during travel or watching the fan on a sleepless night, always takes me down the memory lane. Yesterday night was one such night. Down the memory lane, I happened to think about the people I have come across, those who have made my life beautiful. In this busy life, I am not in touch with many people. But thanks to Facebook and other social networking sites, we are being informed of the good and bad happening to them. Its really great to know that people have reached places, have graduated from top universities, got married or blessed with a cute baby. Through this post I just wanna say I am happy for all the achievements and happiness in your life. Thanks for being  part of my life.

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