Whats Cool in Google Chrome!!!

The Google Chrome is out. You can download and install from
So whats
cool about Google Chrome..
1. Its fast.
Firefox takes about 10 -2 0 sec to open the browser. Chrome is there in 2 sec.
2. The Memory Usage is less compared to
Firefox or IE. I opened 3 tabs in both Chrome and Firefox. Firefox was consuming around 45000K, Chrome did the same in 30000K. Cool..
3. Checkout the Task Manager once again.
Firefox shows only a single process for all the tabs but chrome shows different processes. So when a tab hangs you don't have to kill all the other tabs.
4. Download is good. It pops up a small frame in the bottom of the page showing the download information. You can also
check out all the download you have done. Click on " Customize and control Google Chrome icon" and then the Download, a separate tab opens showing the all the download.
5. The home page if not set to anything else is the page showing Most visited page. This is a very helpful feature.
6. Did you check out the "Find on the Page" Option? On click this. It pops out a small text box with up and down arrow in the top right corner. Looks great!!. Its adopted from
firefox but the location of the textbox is convenient. As in firefox you dont have to come all the way down just to enter few text.
7. The feature excited me was "Create Application ShortCut". I opened in a tab and Clicked on "Create Application ShortCut" and checked on the Desktop checkbox. Whooah.. I saw a shortcut with wiki logo. Cool isn't it!!!
8. The "New incognito window" feature is awesome for privacy. It doesnt store any cookie or history of the sites we open in the incognito window.

Google Chrome has got some cool features but still enhancement is required. It cannot open a pdf page. Sites like itself is not working.
I will recommend Google Chrome for sites which has less scripts and flash. Best for frequently surfed sites.


Mission GM diet

Hmmm.. I had gained a lot of pounds in the past few months and it was high time I reduce. Gym was my first thought but when I hit the gym I start eating more :( So I was looking for an alternative. That was when GM diet was in the air.

GM diet!!! Hmmm.. Diet plans generally have names like low-fat diet, fruit diet, protein diet etc… GM diet is quiet a strange name. GM diet is a diet plan framed for employees and dependents of General Motors, Inc. Checkout the webpage: The eye-catcher was “10-17 lbs per week”. Khool!!! Also check out the research and test information. So we have US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration with the program.

My diet started on 25th August. I checked my weight before I started. I extended my diet by a day (little experiment). And the result is “it worked”. I have reduced 4 Kg. I feel my lighter now. So I thought I will share with you few tips and practices that might help you.

Day 1: I ate whenever I felt like eating. I started with two apples and then melons for the rest of the day. Dinner was a whole papaya. There is no limit for the amount of fruits we eat. Eat as much as possible. You will have a lot of craving today which is naturally. My advice is not to eat melon for dinner. Melon digests very soon.

Day 2: As in the page above I started the day with potatoes. Rest of the day was raw carrots and beet roots. Frankly day 2 is killing at least for me, I prefer vegetables fried. For dinner I had a bowl of boiled bottle guard. You will feel stronger today.

Day 3: Start and end the day with vegetables. You won’t fell tired. Courage is more important today. Most of my friends quit the diet on the day 3.

Day 4: Start the day with a glass of milk and eat only 8 big bananas. You won’t have the craving today. Your body is now adjusted to the diet. Following days will be easier.

Day 5: Today and tomorrow you will burn a lot of fat. For people who don't eat beef and for vegetarians, beef is a Class 1 or Primary protein. So you can substitute Vegetarian Class 1 Protein for beef. When I googled, I found Soya beans, Egg white, Paneer/Tofu and Leafy vegetable are class 1 proteins. For non-vegetarians, tuna fish, chicken can be substituted. I started a day with Soya crunches cooked in tomatoes and salt, then three boiled eggs white, later tofu cooked in palak(leafy vegetable) and dinner a few more boiled egg white. Paneer/Tofu sounds high fat, but the fact is protein needs fat for digestion. Since we don't eat any fat today, protein takes the fat from the body for digestion. Hence your fat is burnt today. Don't worry about the 12 glasses of water. The proteins will keep you tasty all the day long.

Day 6: Follow the Class 1 protein as day 5 with vegetables. Eat as much as possible. Eating more protein will burn more fat. So you can are on feast. My advice is avoiding oil on day 5 and day 6.

Day 7: Eat brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices. You are preparing the system back to your normal diet.

Check your weight. You can jump now. :D

I came across few WebPages which has substituted roti and dal on 5th and 6th day of the diet. From the analysis I did, I think it's a wrong practice. Roti and dal has a lots of carobs and surely not a substitute for beef.

Try GM diet and feel lighter. All it needs is a little courage and patience.
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