First 2 weeks in Laos

It’s been about 10 days in Vientiane, Laos and I need to share my experience. On the day of our arrival, we were very shocked to see the shops closed at 6. We were hoping the mall near our hotel will be open, but that was also closed. He somehow found a restaurant. The next few days, we understood, the city sleeps early. Lao people love spending time with their family. As we roamed around the city, we found people sitting in benches in front of the houses/shops playing checkers and enjoying food with the family. Like back home, every home/shop has a small mandir, to which offering are made.

In the end of the first week, we shifted to another hotel. It’s located in the tourist hang out area and we soon realized the city is not that early sleeping. In this area, though few shops are closed, most of them are open. It’s loaded with restaurants and tourists. Lao and Thai are obviously the most popular cuisine here. But the Indian restaurants are flooded with tourist. People are very friendly; they don’t stare or pass comment on tourists. “Sabaidee” meaning hello can be heard from everyone. English knowledge is quite OK.
There are many beautiful modern as well as vintage cars. But motor-bikes and cycles are more. Buses are used for commuting between villages/cities. Traffic is not heavy but at office hours there is a little traffic in the main roads Very few sky-scrappers, so it’s beautiful to stand outside the balcony and look at the city.
For a small city, the number of CD shops seems quiet high. Every other shop sells CD. There is a public gym, with some equipment which is free for all. Great idea, think it will be create if installed in India.
Overall, the two weeks in Laos had been great. Loving the gift of time and calmness. It’s a contrast to Bangalore and a very relaxed place.


TOIP - Traveling on Indian Passport

Hi all,

Its been a long time I have posted, I was quiet busy with work and other things. I hope to blog quiet frequently now. I am into a new adventure so, watch out for some interesting posts.

As a follow-up to my previous blog, I have been wondering a lot about my travel passion and have finally decided to start a travel blog. Its called "TOIP -  Traveling on Indian Passport". I am trying to post interesting articles related to travel. Hopefully, it entertains everyone. Please have a look at it and comment. If you have any similar idea or a need info on any place, I would love to investigate on it and post an article on the same.

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