Being a Parent

Its ages since I blogged. Finally I have found sometime from being  mom and hence thought of posting a blog. My little one is 6 1/2 months and its been a mad rush. It was like yesterday I first held him, already 200+ days has flown away.

Being a parent, I have realized how well my parents have cared for me. Bringing up a child is not cake walk. Thanks to my parents who have brought me up with all the love and comfort. The toughest part of being a parent is the helplessness. When my little one is crying with all the rocking and soothing there is a million questions that raises in my mind. Is something bothering him? Did some insect bite him? What did I do wrong? Did I eat something that is causing him gas? Am I doing it right? And finally ones he is calm, I boost my self confidence by reassuring that his only way of communication is to cry.

Amongst all the crying, sleeplessness, tiredness and helplessness, the babbling, laughing and hugging makes every day pleasant and memorable.

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