How did they clean up the mess?

Was watching Die Hard 4.0 yesterday. The movie ends with everyone getting to the hospital but was wondering was happened to the country. Probably they should make a movie on that. So much chaos, network was down, roads were blasted, stock market was going crazy and the country had come to a standstill. When the big ring road shattered into pieces, I was just thinking if it was real then it would have taken millions and couple of years to complete. It was shattered in seconds.

Life is also the same I guess. We work so hard to do the things the right way, one wrong move shatters everything we have worked for. It takes years to build, seconds to damage. Life is irreversible and it would be cool if we had a revoke option. Hmmm! What will I do if my life had a revoke button? Don't know where to start, countless wrong moves but I am happy where I am now.


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